Exterior House Painting Auckland

We know that Auckland exterior painting is not just about painting over the flaking paint of years gone by. We do it right the first time.

Exterior House Painting Process

1. Consultation

Our painters in Auckland start by visiting your home to inspect the exterior surfaces. We need to perform an assessment to determine the scope of work. This enables us to construct an accurate quote for you so that you will have no surprises when the bill arrives.

2. Cleaning

Our painting service begins with giving your home a thorough clean on the exterior to get rid of any grime or mould that may have built up. By water blasting the outside, this also sprays off any flaky sections of paint as well as cleaning the surface thoroughly.

3. Primer

Next, we prepare the surface to get it ready for painting. This may include removing old paint and filling in any holes we discover. Then, we coat the entire exterior with primer. This provides a flat plane that the paint will adhere to firmly. We put primer under the paint because this results in a much smoother, more professional finish.

4. Painting

Now, it’s time for the start of the house painting project. Our D&A Painters house painting team will apply some high-quality paint to your house that will give you a stunning finish. Our paint of choice is Dulux because that company offers quality paint that will last on your home for many years. However, any other premium paint can work as well, including Resene and British Paints.

Many of our clients opt for roof painting in addition to the house washing and exterior painting. This leaves you with a home that’s flawless all over. Otherwise, a fresh coat of paint on the outside can highlight how much your roof paint has deteriorated.

Why Choose Us

D&A Painters are Auckland painters who take great care to ensure every detail of each project is perfect. We provide house painting services that offer a reliable outcome every single time – a stunning, well-finished home. Whether your exterior needs a serious overhaul, you’d like to refresh the interior house painting, or any other type of painting job – our house painters are here to help. 

Our quality painting services are in demand across the Auckland city region. We service the North Shore and West Auckland, as well as Auckland Central. Contact us today to find out how we can help with exterior or interior painting to keep your house beautiful.

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